Monday, 7 November 2011

The pavillion

First project of the year and not my finest. Oh well. I'll go back over it.

Blogging in the name of.

Last week I went to go see Rise against that wholesome post punk rock band from Americana live at the Leeds O2 Academy with fellow Shire-Folk Sanderson and all I can say is I got something much better in return.

 Being Born in 88 I was just old enough to catch the tail end of Heavy metal before it sadly ended at the feet of Kurt Cobain and his puke green jumpers so I have always admired the poise and raw feral feeling a true blue metal band brought. Not the bands of the late 90's to 00's which predominantly turned thrash or todays Metal core (chuggathon) But the Flashy 30 minute soloing explosive guitar, pyrotastic heavy metal about women and other such naughty things.
As a child I would sit transfixed by certain bands, feeling a secret power from within when listening to songs that I didnt quite understand even as an adult I still retain a soft spot for the classics.

Rage against the machine is a Los Angeles Rock/metal group formed in 1991 drawing heavily upon the 'heavy metal' of the 80's (in my opinion) and took the best for themselves. Singing about political agendas ina mix of genres. they have today sold over 16 million records worldwide. Needless to say they are pretty big.
Tom Morello, thier guitarist is a particular favorite as an axe god for me, someone who never really got the call to shred sweet lyrical nonsense upon the plank of wood.

So Imagine my surprise when the man himself walks onstage, barely six feet away from where I am standing in the 'pit'. I swear I have never grinned so hard.
For about 45 minutes I was a child again, Right there, Listening to a man whos music I have grown up with Live, throwing out simple shapes, Moving on stage with 'Classical music' (traditional in metal) Baring out feral music, engaging the crowd and then BANG ten minute guitar solo right out from hsitory, Whammy bar, double tapping, The man played his guitar with his teeth while the crowd cheered on. It was stepping back in time and it felt good. I dont think I cheered so hard all night.
Even when he lead us in a sing song. ( World wide rebel songs ) and we sung happy birthday to Tim Mcllrath, vocalist of Rise against.

I am no stranger to being star struck. I have been in the presence of some Interesting comedians and completely lost with words but there is something comofrtinga bout rock/metal singers and the stage that makes you want to engage and give yourself totally for the time your there.
It is something I hope I wont forget.. though I may edit out the swearing here and there.


Door of awesome

This is what we get up to in lectures.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer Pt1: Hot days in a builders shoes.

Now while I didnt find a Paying job (arguable as I did manage to earn 120 pounds for clearing the yard) over summer several oppotunities did arise to keep my self entertained as well as learn some new skills.

 First off as my folks decided to move and buy a do-upper house I was roped into construction of: A new kitchen, Bathroom, Wc (just a toilet for those who dont know) the foundations for an extension and of course my own bedroom. Ironically the only job not finished was my own room due to lack of funds and well.. attempting to build free floating shelves from scratch by myself was a little trickier than I honestly relaised...
Go Figure.
Overall It was fairly easy, Mostly making studwork walls or typical decoration. though I did try my hand at tiling and floor laying (including laying my own carpet) But most props go to my father for never going over budget and finding inventive ways to get done what needed to be done on as close to a schedule as possible. While not nessicarily my first choice in home It is slowly becoming something worth while from the construction site I first visited. Clearing up the mess after your done however is probably the worst job I was given, Sitting out in the sun with a shovel and moving hardcore to a skip with a broken wheelbarrow was not fun nor a learning experience. Challenging yes, but back breaking which increases my respect for those doing it on a daily basis.

 The second slightly more rewarding work experience I had was working with my neighbor down the road on a two story extension. Though unpaid It was interesting to shadow and attempt to help where I could to build somthing professionally rather than DIY. This went from helping dig out and prepare the foundation layer, Mixing concrete, Minor bricklaying and a little scaffolding tutorial which are surprisingly stable. (irrational fear of heights here)
It was exciting to see a build slowly come together as each job completed links to the start of an other till the extension and the interior became solid form and less a mass of bricks and studwork. It also helps its given me a better basic knowledge of how such things can be done which may be useful in my line of work (If I get a job)
I do have to say I found it impressive that despite rain or shine the build continued as often it hard work in bright sun leads to very unhappy workers but no one complained and just kept going till the end of the day, I consider that an work ethic I should learn from.

All in all worth it.


Sunday, 4 September 2011


Just a quick post as its been so long and I have plenty to write about but still, feeling good and dandy so hold on to your hats!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The road least travelled.

It has been an interesting and probably not all that an exciting a week from an outsiders persepective, but for me it represents several things,
A change in pace to the aggressive rather than passivly idling my way through life,
Understanding more about myself and what makes me tick,
Sometimes you must loose something precious to you to gain,
I cannot wait for something to happen, I simply must just continue forward,
To let things go.

It is a  far better road I walk upon now than before, Or so they say.
I also found out trying to write a Exhibition design brief for myself is harder than it looks.
Go Figure.