Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Adventures with a Morris Minor.

Just a small post today,
Met up with internet friend Ook of Today Rose at Welwyn for a brief coffee and impromptu chat session while she was visiting The Cat Survival Trust, a protected sanctuary for big cats in England where you can go visit and take photos of wonderful creatures.

Ook is for lack of a better term a fantastic Anthro artist, thus a creative type and good in my books and we have often discussed ideas crossing over many genre which prove to be interesting or unique which goes to show no matter what discipline you are in sometimes its good to step back and ask someone from a different walk of life, they could improve something a hundredfold.

Something that made my day all that sweeter is that she drives a white Morris minor called Rose, This little mog is a beautiful piece of machinery with a wonderful smell and roaring engine was a pleasure to ride in.
On the ride home I did notice something strange, Knebworth now has a dinosaur trail. It could warrant a look just for laughs
We will just have to see.
Oh! and I ordered an iced tea today, Felt like a proper grownup.


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