Monday, 4 July 2011

College. re:

My sister has recently not done so well in the educational waterfall known as school so she had decided to up and leave to attempt a course in an adult learning college,
Specifically the College I also spent four years at before going off to university.
Now normally this would prove no Issue as obviously, being younger and living int he same area my sister has followed me from school to school but she is a bit of a nervous coward when it comes to new things so I was roped into taking her to the college. This is where it got weird.

It was kind of nostalgic to be back on the grounds and see what changes had been implemented in the years since I've set foot there, I knew where to go and what to sort out having had prior experience but something I didn't count on was the fact that several members of staff would actually remember me. Let alone in some kind of fond way.

While waiting, I managed to bump into three, count it, Three tutors who for four years where most influential over me and my grades and my wants. It was kind of humbling. However rather than ex student to tutor they spoke to me as a person and enquired about things I wouldn't have imagined to be important to them, while still providing me with advice for the future, all of this while smiling.

Just goes to show, Sometimes you don't know just how much someone invests into their students, intellectually and emotionally and sometimes you just totally read people the wrong way.


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